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Strenght phase microstructure

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    soon I will be taken examinations about microstructures and phase diagram.
    Very interesting stuff, but I how can I determine the strenght of a phase in a microstructure?

    I know the basic formula's to calculate the totale strenght, but I therefore I would need also the strenght of each individual phase.

    For example: [tex]R=\frac{R_{1}.weight_{1}+R_{2}.weight_{2}}{weight total}[/tex]
    How can I get R1 and R2?

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    Anybody can help me?

    Sorry for bumping if this is the case.

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    That's a standard formula for evaluating properties of homogeneous composites (i.e., the (volume/weight/molar) averaged values of a property given by parallel and series permutations of the properties of each phase generally bound the composite properties by assuming opposite extreme cases of load transfer).

    The R1 and R2 values would just be associated with the pure phase properties, as found in compiled data tables.
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    So there doens't exist clear formulas for calculating strenght based on the properties of the individual phases?

    Because I never heard of those tables, possible to give me a some background information about those data?

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    Anyone, need some more information.

    Thansk anyway!
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