Strengthen CP Al, Mild Steel & HCP Titanium: Tips & Techniques

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In summary, to strengthen commercially pure aluminium, you can add alloying elements or strain harden it. For mild steel, heat it to the austenitic range and quench to martensite. For commercially pure titanium, surface-hardening methods like shot peening can be used, or it can be strengthened through cold or hot working. However, it is not as effective in work hardening as most steels.
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Using furnace and a rolling mill, how to strengthen these?
(i)Commercially pure aluminium
(ii) Fe-0.2%C (mild steel)
(iii)Commercially pure Titanium (HCP metal; 2 methods can be used)

How to strengthen these?
For (i), is that just roll it and then normalise it?
For(ii), forming martensite and then temper it or should be forming lower banite directly?
For(iii), again rolling? unlikely...

I am really nore sure about these...could anyone kindly help?
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1) Add alloying elements or strain harden.
2) Heat to autenitic range and quench to martensite.
3) Since alpha alloys are non heat treatable, some form of cold or hot working (not quite sure on that one)
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(iii)I've heard of surface-hardening of Ti and Ti-alloys by shot peening. I imagine rolling will work too but I do believe Ti does not work harden as much as most steels.

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1. What is the purpose of strengthening CP Al, Mild Steel & HCP Titanium?

The purpose of strengthening these materials is to increase their mechanical properties, such as strength, hardness, and toughness, making them more suitable for different applications.

2. What techniques are commonly used to strengthen these materials?

The most commonly used techniques include precipitation hardening, cold working, and heat treatment. These methods alter the microstructure of the materials, resulting in improved mechanical properties.

3. What are some tips for successfully strengthening these materials?

Some tips for strengthening these materials include carefully controlling the process parameters, selecting the appropriate strengthening technique for the specific material, and conducting thorough testing to ensure the desired properties are achieved.

4. Why is it important to strengthen CP Al, Mild Steel & HCP Titanium?

Strengthening these materials is important because it allows them to withstand higher loads and stresses, making them more durable and reliable for use in various industries, such as aerospace, automotive, and construction.

5. Are there any potential challenges or limitations when attempting to strengthen these materials?

Yes, there can be challenges and limitations when attempting to strengthen these materials. Some common issues include distortion or warping during heat treatment, reduced ductility after cold working, and the need for specialized equipment and expertise to perform certain strengthening techniques.