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Homework Help: Strengths finding reactions

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    I need help finding reactions for a fixed cantilever. total length is 16ft and its fixed on the right side. The loads on it going from left to right. 2000 lbs at the end of the left. 1000 lbs 10ft from left. There is one support for the cantilever and its where A is at which is 6 ft from left. The dimension for the 1000 lb load is 6ft from B which is the fixed point of the cantilever.

    I've been summing the moments at A and B and my numbers are 3800 at A and 800 at B with a zero torque moment at B which is not right, it has to have a torque moment does'nt it?

    Please help if you can.

    |_______________|_________ B Fixed End
    ......6ft.... A ..............10ft....

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    This is a hyperstatic system solved by differential equation of the deflexion curve. So what you should do is express reactionary moment in terms of the reaction at support A, and the reactionary force in B in terms of the reaction at support A, then start making your sections (bending moment equations).
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