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Stress and angle of deflection

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    A thin- walled tube has been fabricated by bending a metal plate of thickness t into a cylinder of radius c and bending together the edges of the plate. Torque T is then applied to the tube, producing a shearing stress S1 and an angle twist P1 . Denoting by S2 and P1 , respectively, the shearing stress and the angle of twist which will develop if the bond suddenly fails, express the ratios S2/S1 and P2/P1 in term of the ratio c/t
    all that i can see here is the obvious,

    since it is a thin walled tube i can use the following


    now i know that ravg=c+t/2

    what i also think is that at point 2, (P2,S2) i am at the critical point of the joint where it reaches its maximum so S2=[tex]\tau[/tex]max

    but thats all i manage to get and nowehre near any kind of ratio c/t
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