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Stress and strain

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    Im currently studying a course on the mechanics of solids..the reference book i use is by Popov..But i cant completely understand the concept of stress in an axial loading.Like for instance.

    If a weight W acts on a rod(ignore the rod's weight),stress will vary point to point along the length..Since stress is Force/area..Assuming a uniform force distribution,Any point in any cross sectional plane will have the same stress depending on the plane's orientation with the axis of the rod.But i read that this stress varies with length.But if we consider planes parallel to each other(along the length),the areas will be same,How and Why does stress vary??the only way it would vary is if the force W varies along the length.I dont know how it happens..

    please help

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    The situation you are describing is not clear. Can you provide a page reference in Popov where this discussion takes place?
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