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Stress concentration factors for hollow shafts under pure bending

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    Hi everone,
    I am trying to make a rough estimate of fatigue life of a hollow shaft under pure bending at a particular load level.The hollow shaft has a shoulder fillet. The minuimum outer diameter is 69mm and the maximum outer diameter is 72mm with a transition radius of 6mm.The thickness of the shaft is 6mm throughout.
    To estimate the fatigue life,i need to find the stress concentration (popularly given as stress concentration factor,Kt) due to the transition radius.Though i find the stress concentration factor Kt for solid shafts with shoulder fillet (books like Stress concentration factor by Peterson,Roark's formula for stress and strain) ,i am not able to find the same for hollow shafts under pure bending (though i can find some data for torsion loading).Is Finite element analysis the only option for hollow shafts or is there any published material available?
    Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.
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