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: stress-concentration factors

  1. Apr 15, 2007 #1
    urgent: stress-concentration factors

    Hey people,

    I urgently need a chart of theoretical stress-concentration factors for the following general case: a part made from two thin plates of equal weidth connected parallel to each other with one shorter than the other. I need the theoretical stress-concentration factors for the connection corners between the plates (as a function of fillet radius) - when there's a bending moment acting on the major surface of one of the plates. Maybe even the case of a clamped wide and thin beam with a bending moment will do.

    Book references, if you know there's such a case there (because I already tried to find it in a library) will help to.

    Thanks a lot :smile:
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    Can you get a hold of Peterson's Stress Concentration Factors (ISBN 0-471-53849-3)?
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    One library closed, I'm on my way to the next. It's probably there. Thanks.
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