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Stress-energy tensor

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    Hello, can someone explain to me how to calculate the stress energy tensor. If we remove the first row and column, we get get the stress tensor, which I am not familiar with, or am I missing something here? But what about the components of the first column and row. What I know so far is that [tex]T^{ab}=\texttt{pressure for $ (a,b) \in (1,3)$}[/tex]. Everything else is pitch black. I am interested in the stress-energy tensor of a rotating body.
    Any feedback will be appreciated.
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    The http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stress-energy_tensor" [Broken] has a figure that describes each component of the tensor.
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    Rotating Stars in Relativity
    Nikolaos Stergioulas
    http://relativity.livingreviews.org/Articles/lrr-2003-3/ [Broken]

    Maybe Eq 11 or thereabouts.
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