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Stress Mechanics

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    Link AB, of width b = 2 in. and thickness t = 1/4 in., is used to support the end of a horizontal beam. Knowing that the average normal stress in the link is -20 ksi, and that the average shearing stress in each of the two pins iS 12 ksi, determine (a) the diameter d of the pins, (b) the average bearing stress in the link.

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    This is not for homework questions. Even so, you need to show some effort on your part. Show us what you think and have tried first.
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    im sorry..i was just answering questions in my book for my upcoming exam....
    actually..my biggest concern right now is the area under the normal and shear stress..im still confused... though i think that this problem will be solved by equating the formulas for shear and normal stress since they will have the same P, right? i have the normal stress and shear stress average..i can equate the two P's..how about the areas in each stresses?
    (that is for question letter a, still not thinking about letter b)
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