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Stress-strain diagrams

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    How the stress-strain diagram of Cast Iron differs from that of Stailless Steel?
    If someone can post a link of a website from where I can find stress-strain diagrams of different materials, it would be very helpful for me.

    Thanks in advance!
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    You probably want to look at elastic (Young's) modulus, proportional limit, yield strength (YS), tensile strength(UTS) and compare them. That is what can you say about the elastic behavior of the two materials (i.e. less than proportial limit and YS), and what can you say about the plastic range - between YS and UTS, and then after UTS (strain to rupture).

    Excellent links Gokul! I had overlooked the NACA documents and that link was very useful.
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    And in case you have only YS and/or UTS data available there are a bunch of correlations to derive true stress-strain curves on the basis of these two (and work as good validation tools as well).
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