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Stress/Strain With Steel

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    I have a question on axial loads. I can get to a certain point but cant quite work out how to used the forumla properly. The question is

    Given that the maximum compressive stress for steel is 235MN/m2. Using a factor of saftey of 3, determin the maximum axial compressive load that can be applied to a steel punch with a 25mm circumferance.

    So far i work out we need to find the area of the punch, which we work out diameter first then half it and work out area using pie x r squared. This is fairly easy but now i know the forumla to use but do i need to work out the slenderness ratio first?

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    I think you should keep it simple:

    With a safety factor of 3 the maximum compressive stress that should be applied to the punch is 78.3 MN/m^2. The maximum load that it should experience can be calculated by using the cross sectional area that you calculated.
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