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Stress tests.

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    Haj friends!

    I'm looking for some kind of psychometric test. It works, something, like this.

    You have a matrix of say 6x6, where colums are denoted as A-F while rows are denoted 1-6. In your left hand you got a blue pencil while in your right hand you got a red. The supervisor plays a tape which, at faster intervals, says, f.ex., "C-1-Blue" -- which translates to ticking of the [1,3]-box with your left pencil.

    It's not necessarily exactly like this, but something like this. Anyone know of a similar, or exactly like, test as this one?

    Thanks for any advice

    EDIT: Another similar test I'm looking for goes something like this.

    You're handed a piece of paper with a 3D-figure. It's x numbers of boxes stacked on top of eachother. Your missions is to count the number of boxes while the supervisor plays a tape with Y numbers of different sounds . You also have to judge how long each sound is.There are Z sounds.

    EDIT2: A different version of first test is having a 4x4 matrix and denoting each box by their up/down-left/right placement. (For ex. UP-UP-LEFT-LEFT would be upper-left corner, while DOWN-UP-RIGH-LEFT would be the box in the third row, third colum from top)
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    Bumping this :)
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