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Stress vector

  1. Sep 1, 2008 #1
    The stress components in a circular cylinder of length L and radius r
    are given by

    sigmaij=[Ay+Bz, Cz, -Cy; Cz, 0, 0; -Cy, 0, 0]

    (a) Verify that in the absence of body forces the equilibrium equations
    are satisfied.
    (b) Show that the stress vector vanishes at all points on the curved
    surface of the cylinder.

    I have problem with this example, especialy with point b. Do You have some idea?
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    I've never heard of a "stress vector"; stress is a tensor. Perhaps this is referring to a resolved external force at the surface?
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    In this example the stress vector is defined as t_i=n_j * sigma_ij
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