Stresses of tightening a rotating arm

  1. What are the forces involved in seccuring the clip.
    (Sorry about the graphics - I’m not very good at them)
    The object is to close the clip (as in D) by rotating an arm attached to the clip.

    See attchement (sorry I don't know how to add it to this question)

    In A the 2 sections of the clip are open
    In B the clip is past over the hook
    In C the arm is forced back to tighten the clip
    In D the clip is locked.

    But, I would think the at C - due to the arm rotating about is center, the clip is at it’s tightest, and it is loosened in D - when it's really ment to be at it tightest ?
    If this is true what are the physics/mechanics involved in this (seemingly) simple process.

    Thank you

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