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Stretching your PhD dollar in another country

  1. Sep 9, 2008 #1
    I am curious if anyone has ever received a PhD scholarship (from a country with a high currency value) and held their award at a foreign institution in a country whose currency is worth much less. Or even heard of stories of others doing it. Thereby turning your scholarship into something people in that country would consider to be a high income salary. Then you would all of a sudden be a "rich grad student" (I'm just looking at this financial standpoint, irregardless of whether that foreign institution is good for high quality research or not).

    The idea just came to me when reading my government's PhD scholarship guidelines. They allow you to hold the scholarship at a foreign institution as long as your previous degree was completed at home. Of course I understand thats to help you find the best researchers in your field but I still can't help wondering.
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