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Strike through a users name?

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    What does a strike through a users name indicate? Are these sock puppets that have been deleted?
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    It means that member has been banned, either permanently or temporarily. It could have been a sock puppet, yes, because it's against the rules to do that. But there are other reasons to be banned, too.
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    Okay, I figured it was probably someone being banned. I also noticed some banned users that appeared to have been banned for no reason, this made me wonder if it is indicative of a puppet. Thank you for your help, I'm relatively new and want to understand everything quickly.

    ps what an interesting avatar, green lady... ;)
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    Maybe dig through the 'rules' under the 'i' of physics forums on top of the page. For instance, spammers, rude people, and stubborn kids who believe crackpots, are routinely banned, it seems. Evidence can be deleted.

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    Just because you don't see a reason, doesn't mean it didn't exist.

    Someone insulting other members will get banned rather fast, for obvious reasons posts with insults are deleted as they are spotted or reported.
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