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LaTeX Strikethrough in latex

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    Is it somehow possible to do it in LATEX? I googled it but I couldn't find anything that would work for me.
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    closest thing I found with a quick google was either:

    ##\displaystyle \rlap{/}xy##
    Code (Text):
    which can be repeated like so: ##\displaystyle \rlap{//}xy##
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    or a series of hyphens will create something a bit like a horizontal strikethrough, bit fiddley trying to get the right number of hyphens though:

    ##\displaystyle \rlap{---} xyzabc##

    Code (Text):
    \displaystyle \rlap{---} xyzabc

    Using \text{} around the hyphens seems to make them a bit smaller and they look more like a solid line on my browser:

    ##\displaystyle \rlap{\text{---------}} xyzabc##

    Code (Text):
    \displaystyle \rlap{\text{---------}} xyzabc
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    Thanks trollcast! :smile:
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    if you mean "real latex", use packages "ulem" or "soul" for text, and "cancel" for math.

    If you measn "PF latex", what trollcast said.
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    I defined mine in my papers as :
    \not \negmedspace \partial
    Code (Text):

    \not \negmedspace \partial

    which seems to work here as well

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