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  1. I've noticed while surfing through threads that some members have a rasied line (strikethrough) in their name. Does this mean that they are blocked (banned from server)? Everything else makes sense, like the colors coresponding to importence of site.

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  3. Moonbear

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    Yes. (10 chars)
  4. JamesU

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    Since this thread is somewhat on this topic, what's with the users whose names are black and small? like boulderhead
  5. I believe that denotes a user who is no longer registered, but whose posts are still saved.
  6. Some users are ímported'from the old-style user groups, eg. sci.physics
  7. Evo

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    When boulderhead moved back to the jungle, he requested that his account be made inactive.
  8. Thanks for all the information, I just wanted to make sure I was assuming correctly.
  9. arildno

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    As long as the line remains BENEATH your name, you're momentarily safe, though!:smile:
  10. The momentairly part just makes that statement hillarious. no sarcasm intended.
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