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Striking Force

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    Hello I'm new here and i really want to know the anwser to this question.
    In the game Crysis 2 the wearer of the suit has the capability to produce a striking force of up to 450N and i was wondering if this were possible could you be able to kick a car and turn it upside down like in the game. I know it's just a game but i was just wondering.
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    1] 450 Newtons is not a lot. I think that would impart a movement of about 1 foot per second2 to something the size of a car.

    2] Any force great enough to flip a car, applied by something as small as a foot would certainly punch through the car before flipping it, unless you ensured you hit the superstructure.
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    thanks for the reply i have another question aswell , how would calculate the force required to break something such as a door.
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