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[String-schools] EUCLID spring school, 6.-11. April 2006, Berlin

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    Announcement of the EUCLID Network Spring School 2006.

    The EUCLID Network Spring School 2006 will take place in Berlin, on the
    6th-11th April.

    Lecture series at the school will be presented by;

    M. Caselle : Theoretical Physics Methods for Computational Biology.
    J.S. Caux : The Dynamics of Integrable Models.
    E. Corrigan : Solitons and Restricted Domains.
    G. Delfino : Integrability Breaking in Quantum Field Theory. (tbc)
    G. Watts : (tbc)

    Abstracts will be available on the school web page shortly.

    Participants may sign up at the conference web page;

    http://www.physik.fu-berlin.de/%7Ekarowski/workshop/index.html [Broken]

    Any young researchers who wish to give a
    short talk (of approximately 30 minutes) at the school are asked to
    contact Alan George by e-mail at ag160@szerenke.elte.hu with a title and
    abstract as soon as possible.

    To aid participants in arranging their travel to and from the school we
    have the following information:

    We expect that the school will start no earlier than 11.00 am on Thursday
    the 6th and finish no later than 4.00 pm on Tuesday the 11th of April. We
    do not expect that there will be any talks on Sunday the 9th, this is to
    give participants an opportunity to visit the city.

    String-schools mailing list
    http://mailserv.aei.mpg.de/mailman/listinfo/string-schools [Broken]
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