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String theory argument

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    I have to write an argument paper on string theory and i was wondering if anyone has any good ideas about what to argue... I could always go for the whole "Is this the holy grail of science" theory, but i would like something a little more indepth and not so broad... any ideas?
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    An argument for or against string theory?
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    either or... I basically need a question which has a strong argument in the physics world today. For example if my paper were on evolution i might choose the subtopic of Intelligent Design and argue whether or not it should be tought in school. My Topic is physics and my sub category is String theory, but im not sure i can find a really good question to argue about it.
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    What's the audience?
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    possibly that it might unify everything, so it should be taught i guess, ur asking it kinda weird.
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    How about Susskind's Anthropic approach to the string vacuum landscape? That can be motivated for non-specialists and it's certainly contentious!
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