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String theory experiments

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    I have been following Dr. Michio Kaku and his ideas on string theory. My question is, with the addition of other dimensions, what types of experiments and/or results could possibly provide evidence that this theory is correct. If we currently can't perceive these "discrete" dimensions, what would it take to infer their existence? Any thoughts?
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    Typically a force (like electromagnetism) mediated by massless particles (like photons) scales as ~ 1/r^(D-1) for distance r and number of spatial dimensions D. So for very high energy the additional dimensions d (with D = 3+d) should become visible in scattering processes and one should expect 1/r^(2+d) instead of 1/r^2.
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    Thank you, that explanation was actually quite a bit simpler than what I was expecting, but it makes sence.
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