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Homework Help: String theory frequencies

  1. Dec 15, 2004 #1
    to begin, a few things

    i am not a physicist or physics student
    i am open to corrections and answers via both my email and thread
    i am a new user and do not know if this is the correct place to post this

    string theory states that every thing is composed of "strings" running at a certain frequency. string theory also allows for alternate or "parallel" dimensions. these dimensions are unseen because we are operating at a different frequency. if we were able to alter the frequency the strings forming a person operate at, and there was a way to stabalise the matter, could we not then travel to these dimensions?
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    No. the "parallel dimensions" are not unseen because of a "different frequency". (Strings in general have various frequencies.) They are unseen because they are very very short. Think of it this way: take a sheet of paper (2 dimensions) and roll it up into a very very thin cylinder. If the radius of the cylinder is very small (say, 0.01 mm) compared to the other dimension it looks like a line (one dimension).
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    thanks for that, cleared up a Q that had been on my mind quite a while
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