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String Theory grad schools?

  1. Aug 16, 2005 #1
    so i'm just looking for some advice here. i just graduated from a liberal arts college with a BA in physics. i did a thesis on type IIA string theory [supergravity really] and i was just wondering what any of you know about grad schools... which ones are good? how does it look that i'm taking a few years off to teach high school. but i'm continuing to take courses at the local university.

    also most of the schools i've been looking at are in the US. does anyone know about universities elsewhere that might be good? what are the pros/cons to studying abroad? if i were to go somewhere like france do i need to be fluent in french?

    also my gpa isn't great, how hard is it going to be to make up for that? and should i try to go in for a masters first and then apply to a stronger phd program because of that?
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