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String theory & Higgs

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    Don't really want to go into much detail here :P, was just wondering during a crappy elctro/physics lesson today;

    I find it hard to understand the concept of spin at all in string theory, but assuming it's the same as the standard model (it's physically spinning) as opposed to vibrating or something, and assuming that the Higgs does have spin 0, how would that be explained/pictured? ;p

    I presume then that the string will not be curled up in a ball as it is imagined to be in protons etc, but instead is unfurled (a straight string), and not vibrating at all? I'd really like to understand it, or at least get an idea in my mind to picture ;p, string theory is awesome

    Thanks yous
    merci en avance
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    "Spin" actually has to do with the specific SO(3,1) representation that a particle lives in. After compactification, string theory can give the needed representations of SO(3,1).
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