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String theory is FSM?

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    Here is a rather interesting take on string theory. Is string theory just FSM?

    http://www.theobjectiveobserver.com/articles/science08.shtml [Broken]
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    "What passes for an explanation is that “fermions” exchange “virtual particles” which mediate the “interaction”. I seriously and truly do NOT make this stuff up folks"

    The proll from the street trying to grasp some subtler forms of science, and predictibly fails. People trying to jump that boat out themselves as fools, too... "what I don't understand must be wrong", isn't it?
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    I think the point the author is trying to make is that religion points to an "invisible", "undetectable" thing which is the reason why FSM makes fun of it but physics also points to "invisible", "undetectable" things which makes it just as bad as religion.
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    ^yes, but physics also takes these unobservables and uses them to make predictions, which in the case of QFT have proved accurate.
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