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String theory my definition

  1. Feb 14, 2005 #1
    This picture is the basic concept of the string theory from my vantage points. The left of the picture tries to display the string theory in a 3-dimensional view while wrote on paper in a frantic rush. RIght in the photo would be a 2 dimensional view of the string theory. I percieve that every instance of a "universe" would be what I call a "Scalar" where scale has no boundaries in either direction. SIgnificance of the size has no direct effect on the mechanics of this and if (heh :biggrin: ) you are part of the scalar than force is directly proportional to the scale of your vantage point. I believe that black holes are no mystery to you people.... The curvature exheeds the "natural" shape of these "boundaries" due to the constant acceleration provided which would otherwise be at best rest (bend a pencil). Watch the water flow down your sink.... this is a rather small scalar for your eye to view I would say. SO we make it stop when it never really is stopped..... vantage point. Scalar here Scalar there Scalar everywhere... g G even bigger G. SO how would you enter another "black hole" living? and why this acceleration oh why. I leave it to all of you. Frankly..... I have seen too much so fast. What happens when you learn all of this.... God be with all of you if you venture further. o:) Speculations are welcome here, please open minds.

    As for the picture please save your criticism on the precision, I am not god but it will align perfectly. Also for the spelling, I think you can understand what I am saying despite some errors.

    Picture located at http://img7.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img7&image=universe0ls.jpg
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