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String Theory Question

  1. Nov 28, 2011 #1
    Last night I read a brief summary of string theory. My understanding is that electrons, neutrons, quarks, etc are made up of a 'string'. Depending on how the string vibrates is what determines if it's an electron, neutron, etc. I hope I'm not way off. But if that's the case, my questions that I was hoping someone could answer:

    1. What causes these strings to vibrate? Is it some sort of force?

    2. What keeps them vibrating? Don't they have to vibrate indefinitely in order to maintain their structure as an electron or whatever?

    3. Is it theoretically possible to change the vibration of a string?

    4. What would happen if they quit vibrating?

    I hope this makes some sense and I'm not way off base here. Just a curious mind at work. Thanks!
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