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String theory recent revolations

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    In string theory, what is "Mirror Symmetry"?

    Does string theory make a connection between elementary particles (quarks) and black holes? The only way to tell one black hole from another is mass, force charges, and rate of spin and these are exactly the three characteristics that distinguish one elementary particle from another.

    What does string theory have to say about black holes? Apparently, a "three-brane" can be wrapped around a collapsed three-dimensional sphere ("Black hole") which provides a shield that separates the universe from the cataclysmic effect of the singularity.

    So my interpritation of this is that a brane is wrapped around the little thing in a black hole which shields us from the singularity.

    Is this correct?

    What does string theory say about the singularity itself?

    Apparently, according to new scientist, that all the problems of black holes have been solved in 3 dimensions, but the mathematics in it are so rigorous that they couldn't finish it in 10-11 dimensions, is this true? if so, does anyone know where the paper is on it?
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