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String Theory/Visuals

  1. May 8, 2003 #1
    Hello. I noticed something pecular about the diagram from the web site http://viswiz.imk.fraunhofer.de/~nikitin/vis99_imk/ [Broken].

    The diagram that used to be below and can be found on the link above, shows the topography of "cusps" and string schematics and dynamics and has a certain resemblence to the major and minor grooves of a DNA molecule.

    I wonder if there is a physical property or law that leans toward the tendency to create these major and minor grooves.... I do believe the phenomenon (of major and minor grooves) is a function of log rythms and/or the golden ratio... 1 to 6. It seems to be a familiar and repeating pattern in nature... even on the scale of molecular structures... like DNA.

    Have a look! If you have an opinion on this, let me know, thank you.
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    Yo, been a way so long I hardly knew the place!

    The obvious fact is that the golden ratio is present in all of nature. I've been observing various forms in nature and I am finding more and more evidence of the major and minor groove phenomenon exhibited in all forms. It must be a function or result of the analog/1 to 6 ratio like you see in shells and plant growth etc......... but, it is also present in random forms like clouds, smoke, water waves.... etc......... there is an invariable presence of the major and minor groove in these states as well.

    Beyond that, in a quantum fashion, when one takes the elements of the Relativistic universe and separate the states of space/time... heat etc..., each element contains its own set of strings that support it, independantly from its relative cause or effects. Each element will have its major and minor grooves.... or "peaks and valleys". These will conform to the rythmic visuals seen in any natural form... ie: exhibiting major and minor grooves. That's probably why I can see a similarity in the visual of M Theory and those models of DNA molecules.

    This gets cool at some point... I bet
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