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String Theory

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    Can anyone reccomend a Beginners Guide kind of thing for string theory? Basically trying to get started off, whats the best book(s) for me to get? (Preferably cheaper ones, I am kind of cash strapped blown my physics books money for a while)
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    Are you looking for a layman's book or one with the mathematics in it?
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    One with the Mathematics in it please :)
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    Michio Kaku has some very enjoyable layman's reading on the subject, but the one textbook I have seen of his was extremely difficult to understand. I hope you know a lot of about group theory.
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    Try Zwiebach's "A First course in String Theory." I know nothing about string theory, but I gather this is a good introduction.

    Edit: I didn't notice the money part: perhaps you could beg to join your local university's library?
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    George Jones

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    Zweibach?? I am not too sure about this but I think I know someone who has this book. I know her well could probably "borrow" it ;-) Maybe I should go with the layman's reading at first and go with the Mathematics aspect once that is secure? think thats a better idea?
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