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String Theory

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    String Theory!!!!!!!

    ok am I getting this right? when people talk about string theory they say that atoms instead of being made out of orbs particles they are waves coming from a fundemental string.
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    correct, but particles where never really orbs, more like points. and the certain particle is given its properties by the oscilations and spinning of a 1 dimensional string.
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    I think of it like a field.

    The string is very small and as it vibrate's it create's the field around it. This field is a particle.

    Each note of string theory create's a different field, in effect a different particle.

    Its like a hard shell around the small string.
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    I have another question exactly what shape are the strings? I herd people say they are circles or figure 8's or thin lines but which are they?
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    What exactly is a string of energy??
    I don`t think I really have proper understanding of energy.

    Also, how many string are in a particle???

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    Take an ordinary piece of string. It can be in an ordinary state with two ends. This is called "open". It can make a loop (well, a rubber band is a better example here), with no ends. This is called "closed". These are the two states for a string theory string. They are one dimensional (no thickness) and what they are made of is not specified. They come with a tension given and not explained. They vibrate and the vibrations are what makes particles. Exact shapes (like circles) are not important, everything is very wiggly.

    Strings can merge, making your figure eights and other shapes, they can get into knots, they can wind around obstructions (like pieces of compacted manifolds) and you can do Feynmann diagrams with them. Open strings can have their endpoints fastened to pieces of higher space called branes; they can begin on one brane and end on another. Some combinations of branes and strings can be fine tuned to make particles thet look like the standard model.
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    so basically all the strings are constantly floating around breaking apart and attaching together randomly or does it depend on the element wether it is positivly charged or negativly charged for it to always be closed loop or open?
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