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String Theory

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    Hey, does anybody know what the string theory tries to prove at singularities of black holes and the expansion of our universe?
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    I believe, and I'm no physicist so don't trust much I say, but I believe that string theory is trying to show that in black hole singularities that are incredibly small (quantum) and incredibly massive (general relativity) that the two are somehow not at odds, and can be combined into one theory, because normally they are at odds and that's why singularities like the Big Bang and the Black Hole ones make no sense.
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    a few quick notes:

    (A) string theory imposes minimums and maximums on size. A minimum size implies no exact singularity, but rather something very small istead. A few in the field have advanced theories of black holes that look more like places for strings to get caught and entangled together in giant "string balls" almost. This allows for information to be preserved, which even people like Hawking are now admitting seems accurate.

    (B) I believe in string theory, dark energy still acounts for the expansion of our universe. I think some alternatives have been proposed, but so far the majority still feel dark energy makes the most sense.

    (Note, I only have a bachelor in physics, and haven't yet studied string theory mathematically - only conceptually through articles/books/etc. Anyone is free to correct my comments on it.)
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