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String vibrations

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    Why do strings vibrate??
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    Here's nice explanation that is leading one to consider........?


    We had to look for a way in which to interpret the graviton from one to the many, and if we do this, do you not think we could have describe the nature of reality, from events who are releasing energy?

    The Q<-->Q measure is a good example of the strings length and the distance measure. I'd have to be corrected here, but in this case it is not to hard to understand the field that is generated around this measure? If the nergy value changes according to the distance then what would have been revealled in the metric field. The energy increase in the distance would have found relevance to early supersymmetrical states, and definition in supergravity.

    Look for energy correlations between KK Tower and particle identifications in regards to those windings

    How does the cylinder, become a boson(torus)?

    I am open to correction.
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