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I Strings and the Dimensions

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    If strings are one dimensional objects and they make up every particle that we know of then there is no second or third dimension. There are only one dimensional objects that seem like they are three dimensional objects because they spin as they move through space.
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    Uh ... you may want to rethink that.
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    The strings themselves are one dimensional but, as you point out, they can move through 3 dimensional space.
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    Or, you can claim you are using the worldsheet formulation instead of the space-time formulation.
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    10 space dimensions, (so I gather) are needed anyway to describe a string theory, and 11 is better.
    that's progress from the first string theories which needed 23 dimensions though.
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    So, basically, the first dimension is any straight direction of travel and a diversion from that direction becomes a second dimension and any diversion from that plane becomes the third dimension.

    There are no planes in space.
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    Graphically we represent the space dimensions as 3 planes perpendicular to each other. Time flows through those three, and the space-time is a geometrical system(one can say) which is woven out of 2 threads:
    1.That of space
    2.That of time
    If you want to drag the String theory in this, then it is a way of representing the whole of the universe in the form of "resonances" in the strings.
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    Dook and shihab-kol, how old are you? It seems you are interested in geometry but you had not time yet to read the fundamentals. Depending of the age and level, people in the group could recommend some reading, aiming to formalize your worries.
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