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Strings attached to seperate branes

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    Hello, I have only recently begun learning about superstring theory and I have a few queries. one of which is this.

    Open string must have ther ends attached to a brane, I think I am right in saying that one end can be attached to one brane while the other to another separate brane. So in the brane world situation where our observable universe exists in a brane which is just one brane of many; imagine an open string (say one that describes a photon) having one end attached to our brane and then other end attached to another. Would this situation lead to something observable?

    again i have little understanding of super string theory and virtually no mathemtical understanding of the theory so i don't even know if my question has much meaning.

    I would also really appreciate if someone could point me towards some entry level material to learn from.
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    Doug Huffman

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    Leonard Susskind's career includes "The independent discovery of the string theory model of particle physics."
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