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Stringy space

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    If there is some kind of divine string formulation that could reveal the patterns of both fate and chaos, but ultimately it was born to encompass the relative world with the quantuum world, are we not left in a world of extreme order where chaos surrounds totality infinitely?

    IE the totality of string, surounding choas of nuecleus, surrounded by totality of atom, surrounded by chaos of it's structure, etc etc to infinity in both directions?

    Are these theories/realities really just metaphors for our own minds in the divine symbolic existence of the poem of truth? IE binary opposition of consciousness- think of attempted metanarratives- God/chaos could merely represent the conscious/subconscious truth of existence.

    Could we begin to accept that there are two truths like the dualism of classical philosophy?
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    This should probably go in Philosophy.

    Really, though, you're being way too metaphorical about "chaos" and etc. If we find a ToE, then it's simply going to mean that we can predict everything in our universe. What's this stuff with Chaos surrounding atoms, etc.?
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    Beren, you are right that this belongs in Philosophy, but I feel I should make one slight correction: We will not be able to predict everything in our Universe with the ToE.

    The purpose of the ToE is to unite the existing theories of spacetime, and use that united theory (along with the additional postulates of the ToE) to explain previously inexplicable phenomena like BHs and the BB. However, it will not explain everything (for example, consciousness and sentience are in the realm of neurology, which will be affected very little by a GUT of physics).
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