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Strip Club fun but expensive

  1. Jan 7, 2005 #1
    Friend's birthday

    I have decided that the post was not appropiate before so I edited it. The short summary of what was there was about my friend's birthday party. It was the girl I went to winter formal with and it was a very interesting experience. Abour 40-50 kids met at Damon's for dinner and than to celebrate her 18th birthday party, those of us who were 18 or older went to De javu for the first time ever, (it was the birthday's girl idea)

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    You went to a physics forum to share a strip club experience...you are officially a nerd.
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    its the only thing that was up when I got home, minus a few friends and I wanted to tell someone so I told the forums... but I will agree with your statement
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    no, nerd talk about computer and science. This guys a dork.
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    My 21st birthday is in June and in Georgia you have to be 21 to go in a strip club. I'm just scared at what my brother and possibly my dad are going to do when the time comes.
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    Yeah, I was somewhat surprised they allowed in a group of 18 yr olds too. I thought all strip-clubs required you to be 21 or over.
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    Not in the blue states. :wink:
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    There's not much better than taking girls to a strip club.
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    What's so surprising about the birthday girl wanting to go?

    A friend of mine's fiance hired the stripper for his bachelor party. Some women are just good sports.

    In fact, she was a much better sport about the bachelor party than he was when he discovered the stripper was a female impersonator. :rofl: :rofl:
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    That is frickin cruel. Just not right. Note to self: I plan the bachelor party. Trust no one.
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