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Stroboscope monitoring by CCTV

  1. Feb 13, 2008 #1
    For the purpose of my project I need to monitor vibrations in mechanical parts using the following set up:
    - CCTV camera
    - TV monitors
    - Illuminator which I use is a stroboscope. 50 very short (~0,2 ms) flashes per second (same frequency as this of the camera and TV monitor - 50 Hz)
    However the problem is that a black strip appears horizontal on the TV monitor (1 cm wide).
    It is very unpleasant especially when it coincident with the observed object.
    Could you suggest me what can be the reason and how could I eliminate it?

    P.S. If I increase the frequency of the stroboscope two times (100 Hz) than the strips are already 2 if I set it to work at 200 Hz the black strips are already 4. If I illuminate for example with 55Hz the strip is going across the monitor as if the difference (with 50 Hz) is smaller than it run slowly if the difference is bigger then it start to run faster.
    Thank you in advance
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