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Homework Help: Strong and weak electrolytes-need help

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    strong and weak electrolytes-need help plzz

    hi all
    i need help to solve the following exercise

    Given: strong electrolyt limiting molar conductivity of ion i ( S.Cm2/mol)
    HCl 426.1
    CH3COONA 91.05
    HF 405
    NaCl 126.5
    1- why did thos electrolyts has a different molar conductivity?
    2- calculate the degree of dissociation alpha and the constant of dissociation K for a weak electrolyt CH3COOH dilute at 0.6. given the molar conductivity equal 195.3 Cm2/mol. (show the calculation in details)
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    Why does everyone have questions like these? :(
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    Are there any formulas? And are you calculating the equillibrium constant? Please re-write the question clearer with units. I will try to help you o:)

    I think the answer to the first question is because strong acids such as HCL and HF dissociate completely in water making them strong electrolytes. NaCl is a strong base so it also dissociates completely in water. Weak acids such as carboxylic acids dissociate partially in water giving them a weaker electrical current.
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