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Strong and weak electrolytes-need help

  1. Jan 8, 2008 #1
    strong and weak electrolytes-need help plzz

    hi all
    i need help to solve the following exercise

    Given: those are a strong electrolyt limiting , and we give the molar conductivity for each ion in ( S.Cm2/mol)
    HCl 426.1
    CH3COONA 91.05
    HF 405
    NaCl 126.5
    1- why did thos electrolyts has a different molar conductivity?
    2- calculate the degree of dissociation alpha and the constant of dissociation K for a weak electrolyt CH3COOH dilute at 0.6. given the molar conductivity equal 195.3 Cm2/mol. (show the calculation in details)
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    The conductivities here are ionic in nature. That is, the conduction requires that the ion be mobile in the solvent. Ions with smaller solvent shells will be more mobile than ions with larger solvent shells. Ions that form better hydrogen bonds will conduct better than those that form weaker hydrogen bonds.

    Show me the formula for ionic conductivity that has the K term for dissociation contained within and we can talk about the second question.
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