Strong or weak force?

  1. Strong or weak force??

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    So all I want to know is how you tell if it is a strong or weak force interaction.
    e.g. K^+ = pi^0 + pi^0 + pi^+ (all mesons)

    So i determined that the energy was concerved:

    baryon and Lepton numbers are also conserved

    Now having determined that the interaction is possible, how do I tell if it is via strong or weak force.
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    The key here is to look at the quark content of the reactants and products. A positive kaon has an up and an anti-strange quark. Yet none of the pions contain a strange/anti-strange quark.

    What is the only interaction capable of changing the flavour of quarks?
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    So in this case weak force?
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    The weak force is the only interaction that can change the flavour of a quark. The strong force can't.
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    Righto Got it now. Thanks!:smile:
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