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Strongest substances in my house

1) Xacto knife-I fell back in my chair. before I fell all the way, I wedged the Xacto knife in my hand under the desk. It bent, but pulled me back up. :biggrin:

2) The Jelly jar lid- Can't Get It open!!! :mad:

3)My cat- after multiple times of throwing her, she is still walking :eek:

4)My computer mouse-has survived multiple step-ons and falling on the floor :uhh:

5)My stupid padlock-I'm trying to brak it open, no success :grumpy:

Weakest substances in my house

1) my dog-whines constantly :mad:

2)My tooth- broken 2 times :uhh:

3)My socks-Have more holes than swiss cheese :blushing:

4)My desk-Has multiple scratches and no longer has a keyboard holder :redface:

5)All my CD's and CD roms-self explanitory :smile:


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My 3 strongest:

- Sony Ericsson K700i mobile phone. This beast has been thrown across a room only to land on a hard ceramic floor, without a scratch.

- Marshall MG80 guitar amp. Dropped off a stage. It made a bit of a rattling noise (spring reverb) for a few seconds, and then just carried on.

- Merrell Sport Sandals! 6 summers of sandy, salty sweaty abuse, and even the velcro is still sticky.

My 3 weakest:

- Homebase drill bits. Unless you only like drilling balsawood, don't even bother.

- Anchor Spreadable butter tub. I swear the fat dissolves the plastic, the lid always cracks a week after opening.

- My entire car. Citroen. Need I say more?


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Trusty Xact-o knife
- My daughters head. She's... well... crazy really (as a 17 month old normally is), and falls off all the things she climbs (ladders, chairs, counter... etc...)

- Our bowls. I set one down and it broke on the counter (I had icecream in it). I got most of the icecream out and put it into another bowl and dug in with my spoon... and the second bowl broke.


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Your bowls suck. Get new ones

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