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Strongest transparent material

  1. Nov 1, 2013 #1

    I am a cycle enthusiast looking to create a shield for my bike in the form of a rain drop which is known to be the most aerodynamic shape.

    I am looking for a material that is TRANSPARENT (clear, one way mirror finish, or black), STRONG, DURABLE, FOLDABLE, EASY TO MOLD & SHAPE.

    The reason for this creation of mine is to shield me from the rain, hail and sun, but to also make it aerodynamic enough to minimize the backdraft to make my ride a lot smoother.

    Attached to this email are 2 different examples of what I am looking to go for. My idea would be a bit more complex and useful. Would like to start off with finalizing the material to then move on to the next step of creating this idea of mine.

    Any suggestions?

    Any suggestions?

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    well at first glance upon the title i was going to say diamond but it looks like that doesn't qualify
    you'd likely be best off making a rigid frame and coating it in thickish (~1 cm) clear plastic
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    The dead weight of a shell is a factor. Cost is another.
    You want durable and foldable, that sounds like a sheet of material over a collapsible light frame, just like the second illustration.
    You show some well formed examples but say your design will be 'more useful'. In what way?
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    You might discover that a rain-splattered shield is too difficult to see through, like a car windscreen without the wiper.
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    If you have a problem with rain then you can fix it with a surface treatment. Known as Rain-x, it coats the surface with a water repellent layer of silicon polymer. You do not need windscreen wipers as the water beads and falls or is blown off.
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