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Structural engineering from engineering or architecture?

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    At the moment, im a first year at BS maths & Physics student. I chose this because i really like Maths and Physics however recently ive been thinking about where i can go with this course. There arent many job prospects, and the jobs do not rly include very high salary. So it looks like im wasting my time doing this very demanding and quite hard course.

    Architecture seems nice too, however im not really good at drawing or building models, and i heard you do a lot of that during the course. However, recently i read something about Structural engineering, which essentially is like architecture without all the creative and art part, and just focused on maths and physics. Can any structural engineers tell me about their experience. Did you also need to build a lot of models and be creative? Can i go into structural engineering from an engineering degree instead from the architecture degree (so as to avoid all the drawing)

    Also, what other jobs includes maths or physics that i might enjoy, because at the moment im really worrying about my future :S

    Thanks :)
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