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  1. How can i find deflection in simply supported beam with multiple point loads ?
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  4. you can simply find the deflection for beam loaded with UDL, or you can put your load in the computerised model.
  5. thanks for reply,
    but what u will do when u have so many point load acting on beam
    and u have to find solution manualy and quickly.
  6. I would use the simple software Winbeam. This is an excellent tool for calculating max. moment etc. on beams with any kind of loadings. - Well, this can give the deflection, if the stiffness factor is correct inserted. Normally I don't use this program to calculate deflection - but it is possible as far as I know. I have a quite old version of the program - maybe a new version have even better features for calculating deflection.
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    Software? Computerized model? If the beam is 1d with constant cross section, then just use superposition.

    You take the response of the beam based on each load seperately, then just add them together.
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