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Structural Mechanics: Load Collation

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    I don't know what's the situation this question describes, no diagram is provided, I totally get lost, could anyone give some hints or help? Thanks very much!

    Q: Two reinforced concrete cantilever beams extend from a building out over the footpath carrying a canopy. The canopy is an in situ cocrete slab 80mm thick supported by two 150mm by 150mm edge (longitudinal or parallel with the road) beams pored in situ with the slab, one at the extremities of the cantilever and the other at the internal support. The cantilever beams are assumed to be 210mm by 180mm also poured in situ with the slab and are at 6.3 metre centres and extend 4.3 metres out over the footpath. Vertical live load on the canopy is 0.25KPa and uplift under severe wind conditions could be 2.4KPa. From the above information determine the loads on the cantilever beam under load combinations involving:
    1>,dead load and live load
    2>,dead load and wind uplift.

    Answers:1>,UDL=0.56KN/m,concentrated forces at the support and free end 15.3KN
    2>,UDL=0.56KN/m,concentrated forces at the support and free edd 2.7 KN upwards
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