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Structural mechanics

  1. Jan 7, 2006 #1
    hi there

    any 1 know how to work out shear force ona cut beam ? i got the str3 web page problems!
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    I would answer you if I could understand what the heck you just asked. Post in a legible format and you will be helped.
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    Re: structural mechanics - Structural Members


    Does anyone know how i go about answering the following question:

    A timber beam with a span of 4 m is carrying an inclusive UDL of 40 kN. The safe allowable bending stress is 6 N / mm2. Choose a suitable section for the beam.

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    It's obvious this is a homework question, and you woke up a 4 year old thread to ask it.

    Make a new thread in the homework section, follow the posting rules, and people will be happy to help.
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