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Structural steel evaluation

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    I have a removable gooseneck semi-trailer (RGN)
    I am going to stiffen it to hold a higher capacity.
    30 ton to 45 ton.
    This hauls large equipment. (yellow iron)
    I know from experience what to use and how to do it.
    Is there some one here that can do the calculations and make a drawing of the structure to determine the approximate load capacity?
    Both over all and concentrated capacities.
    This is a paid proposition with required results.
    Not like the guy I paid $1500 to for a PCB prototype and has never been heard of or seen again.
    If he blew himself up with a bomb in Afghanistan then I will forgive him.
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    With the economy in the shape that it is in, you might be better-served by searching for used trailers. A neighbor of mine used to be pretty busy at times moving wood-harvesting/construction equipment with his low-bed, but there is little call for that in north/central Maine these days so he keeps things going with his old wheeler with headboard loader ferrying loads of pulp and firewood. Good luck whichever way you go, but if you have the business, it might be a great time to buy a heavier trailer and put your current one up for sale. A contractor or big landscaper might want your current trailer just the way it is.
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    Used trailers in this range are about $35-40K in fair shape without a flip axle.
    Flip axles are about $5-10K.
    I would never get more than $10 maybe $15 on mine.
    This will cost about $10-15K to up-fit with a flip axle.
    About half of trying to sell mine and buy a used one.
    And it is not all stressed out this way.
    It will have new steel.
    A re-arch/I-beam strap is about $2.5K to 4K.
    All that does is put it back to about original.

    Looking for structural steel engineer to do the calculations after the fact to satisfy all of those who don't actually do this stuff but think they are smarter than those who do.
    We all have our own niche.
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