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Structure and Properties of Metals (U. Brit. Col)

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    On-line Materials course from Metals and Materials Engineering
    University of British Columbia.

    MMAT 380 - http://www.mmat.ubc.ca/courses/mmat380/ [Broken]

    Goal of the Course - To obtain basic knowledge on the ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys.

    Lecture (in pdf files)

    Introduction – steel
    Phase transformation in steel (equilibrium)
    Phase transformation in steel (non-equilibrium)
    Heat Treatment of Steel
    Strengthening and weldability of plain carbon steels
    Structural steels
    Alloy steels
    Surface hardening
    Tool steels

    Cast irons
    Introduction to Stainless steel
    Ferritic Stainless Steels
    Martensitic Stainless steel
    Austenitic stainless steel
    Duplex and other stainless steels
    Non-heat treatable aluminium alloys
    Heat treatable aluminium alloys
    Titanium alloys I
    Magnesium alloys
    Zinc Alloys
    Copper Alloys
    Super alloys I

    Case studies

    Boiler tube failure [.pdf]
    Weldability of steels [.pdf]
    Heat treatment of a pipe [.pdf]
    Corrosion of a Stainless Steel Filter [.pdf]
    Al Beverage Can [.pdf]
    Design of an airplane wing [.pdf]
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